A project to preserve Althorp for future generations

A project to preserve Althorp for future generations was completed in Summer 2011 and received the East Midlands branch of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors ‘Conservation Project of the Year Award’ in 2012

A special self-supporting scaffolding system covered the house whilst the work was in progress.

With 40,000 man hours amassed by engineers and craftsmen, this colossal project was completed to the highest standards – as befits this Grade I listed building.

  • 48 tonnes of new carved stonework replaced the ornate limestone carvings which were starting to decay
  • 120 tonnes of lead replaced the 2,382 square metre roof, rendering it secure and watertight for decades to come
  • 9,500 stainless steel pins secured the unique ‘mathematical’ tiles that clad the House

“I would be proud if, in my final days, I felt I was handing Althorp on to my heir in a better state than that in which I inherited it. This is a traditional, and not particularly original, aspiration; but it is heart-felt”