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Ed Halliwell

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Ed Halliwell

Ed Halliwell

Into the Heart of Mindfulness

4/26/17 10:00 am - 4/26/17 11:00 am

A one-time editor for FHM magazine, His (Ed Halliwell) life was plagued by anxiety and depression for much of his twenties and early thirties. Frantically looking for ways to understand and relieve his distress, he eventually stumbled on meditation and Buddhism, and discovered a path that was different from the other medical, psychological and spiritual cures he had tried. To his surprise, the more he practised this way of being, the less depressed and anxious he became. Halliwell’s Into the Heart of Mindfulness shares with us the lifelong path of mindfulness, how it can help us to see and transform our unhelpful biases and habits; to cultivate kindness, empathy, steadfastness and cheerfulness; and to find our life’s calling.

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